Delivery Express: Royal Express Delivery Express to launch by the end of the year

Delivery Express (DEX) has joined Royal Express (REX) in the Indian business, the company said on Wednesday.

The Indian unit of Delivery Express said the company will launch its delivery services on the Royal Express website and the delivery delivery services will be offered to select customers on a daily basis.

The company will also offer to deliver Royal Express delivery by air to customers in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkaul, it added.

Delivery Express is one of the first Indian carriers to launch a courier service.

DEX is the first private carrier to offer the delivery service on its own website, according to the company.

Dex is owned by SoftBank and operates in the US, Europe and China.

Read moreAbout DEX:DEX operates a fleet of seven aircraft in India, including a fleet operated by the carrier Air India, according a press release.

The carrier operates flights to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengal, Hyderakan, Kolkackar, Pune, Goa, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Kankeri, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The fleet includes two Boeing 737-800 aircraft and a Boeing 777-200ER.

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The hub, which will be known as the ‘Mumbai e-Retail Centre’, will provide logistics and technical support to e-tailers and the public sector companies (PSCs) and will be operational by the second half of 2019, it said.

The regulator said that it would also provide incentives for companies that set up an online shop in the hub to make use of the online platform and offer its services on its website.

The hub will also be able to support the launch of e-shops, a key component of the government’s push to digitise the Indian economy, it further said.