What’s Next in the UK food delivery revolution?

Here’s what’s next in the food delivery movement as the UK and the world get ready to celebrate the new year. 

We’ve got news and a few facts on how delivery services like Deliveroo, Ola and Instacart are shaping up in 2018, so we thought it was high time we got to know them. 

First up, why are people ordering food?

It may sound like a strange question to ask about the food industry, but Deliveroo CEO and founder Anthony Pickering has a message for those who question how food can be so much more than a delivery service:It’s about people.

Deliveroo is the fastest growing restaurant delivery service in the world and, as the company expands across the UK, Pickering believes the business is also about delivering on the social responsibility and environmental values that are central to the delivery culture.

“It’s the delivery that is the key to our success,” Pickering told BBC Breakfast.

“I think delivery services really capture the spirit of the delivery business, it’s about how people can get something done when there’s no staff or no driver.”

What’s more, Deliveroo aims to provide the perfect meal in the shortest time possible, and to do this by using only the most eco-friendly and delicious ingredients.

It’s an approach that the company has taken with Ola, which is the world’s biggest food delivery service with around 30,000 restaurants in 24 countries.

The first restaurant that opened in London was one of the first to embrace the food service concept.

The owner of the restaurant, Paul Jones, had to decide whether to use an app or a robot to deliver food to customers. 

The idea was that Jones would use his own robots, but when the company learned that Jones was using a delivery robot, he decided to use his staff instead.

Jones explained that the food was more personal, and it was about helping customers feel as though they were helping their neighbours, rather than a robot.

“The experience was so much different from the usual, but we also wanted to show customers that we were a really environmentally friendly company, so there’s not a lot of environmental impacts involved in the delivery experience,” he told the BBC.

What are the drivers involved in delivering food?

When a Deliveroo driver takes a customer to a restaurant, he’s not just delivering food, but also delivering people to other Deliveroo drivers to deliver their orders. 

“If you order food on a delivery system like Deliveroos, it would be very much like an Amazon package,” Jones said.

“If you were to order it on the phone, you would get a call saying, ‘Can you deliver?’ and then they would actually deliver the food to you.”

Jones said Deliveroo does not have a single driver, but instead a team of around 20 drivers. 

He explained that while the drivers do most of the work, they’re also trained and equipped to deliver.

Jones said the driver can deliver a burger to a customer in 15 minutes and a pizza in 30.

Delivero drivers have a reputation for delivering food in under two minutes. 

What’s the difference between delivery and delivery delivery?

Jones said there are a few key differences between Deliveroo and other delivery services.

“For instance, it can take longer for the delivery driver to make the delivery,” Jones explained.

“It’s a different level of responsibility.

For instance, a delivery driver is not just the guy that delivers food, they also deliver groceries and they also do a lot more than just that.”

A delivery driver might have to carry people on the delivery, they might be a driver to a food warehouse, they may be a delivery person to a warehouse.

“What about the environment?

Jones said while Deliveroo uses robots to deliver, the majority of its deliveries are done by staff on the ground.

Is it safe? “

[Delivery services] have to be environmentally responsible,” he said. 

Is it safe? 

Jones said he believes Deliveroo will not be responsible for the environment.

“We’re really committed to not destroying the environment, but there’s a lot that we’re not saying about it,” he explained. 

How do Deliveroo’s drivers get the food delivered?

Jones explained Deliveroo workers have been trained to drive the robots. 

Delivery drivers have to pass a series of tests in order to be allowed to deliver to a destination, including driving the delivery robots.

“You have to go through training and you have to have a licence and you need to be approved to drive a robot,” Jones told the programme.

“So that’s a pretty rigorous process that’s being put in place to get them approved.” 

How are Deliveroo services regulated?

Jones told the ABC that Deliveroo has a zero-tolerance policy on any behaviour that puts the health of its workers or customers at risk.

“Any kind of activity, we will take action against. We don’t

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