How to stop the ‘internet hate’ of Trump

How to tell if your loved one is online hate speech?

That’s the question a new survey of 1,000 people from the online community Reddit has posed to a nationwide group of more than 300,000 Americans.

The online survey, called “What Is Online Hate Speech?”, asks whether the words used online to describe people who “hate” people, “hurt” people or “oppress” people are offensive.

The survey is part of a broader trend that is increasingly being discussed online in the wake of the election and a series of anti-Trump protests.

Many Americans have questioned whether it’s possible to be truly safe online.

The new survey suggests that even if someone says they are not online hate, they are certainly not free from online hate.

“Hate speech is not always just words on a screen.

It is also an attitude,” the survey says.

It includes questions about whether it is “toxic” to use hateful words or phrases online.

And it also asks whether it hurts to be online, with respondents being asked whether it was a “real life” experience to experience online harassment or to feel like a “target.”

“People are constantly online, and online hate is part and parcel of that,” said one respondent.

“I think it’s time we stop thinking about hate speech as just words.”

Another respondent said that people “don’t realize how much they are able to do online” because they are “overwhelmed by the enormity of the platform they have built up.”

“When you’re using Facebook, you can go to your friends’ pages, and they can say things to you, but there’s no way to stop that,” he said.

A third respondent said she didn’t realize that her family members had been using Facebook to discuss her personal life or that she was on a Facebook profile she had never signed up for.

“I just assumed that Facebook was a place where you could talk about your family, and my mom is on Facebook, and I’m on Twitter, and so forth,” she said.

Another respondent suggested that people who don’t know anyone on Facebook are “just pretending to be friends” with their loved ones.

“People are pretending to like your friends on Facebook,” she continued.

“But the real people you’re talking to on Facebook aren’t your friends, they’re strangers, and you’re not really communicating with them.

You’re pretending to talk to them.”

The survey also asked whether people who said they are actually on Facebook and don’t feel that way should be able to “feel safe online.”

The survey found that only 23 percent of respondents said they should be allowed to feel safe online, which is down from 25 percent last year.

But the survey also said that only one in five people in the U.S. who responded to the survey said they believe hate speech on social media is acceptable.

It is unclear what prompted the increase in hate speech in 2017, but the online survey was conducted in the weeks after the election, after Trump won the election.

Trump supporters, like the one in the survey, were also encouraged to share videos of themselves using the words “faggot” and “f*ck” online.

Many Trump supporters who participated in the Reddit survey said that they felt that the “mainstream media” did not cover the issue of hate speech online and that it was important to raise awareness about it.

“If you’re a Trump supporter, you’re being forced to participate in this hateful rhetoric,” the respondent wrote.

“If you do not support Trump, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

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