How to use the Lokal Express delivery service in the UK

LOKAL Express, a new delivery service from the delivery giant Deliveroo, is coming to the UK. 

In an interview with Business Insider, Lokals CEO Tim McPherson said that Lokalis customers are “pretty excited” to be able to deliver to their doorsteps in the next few weeks. 

“We’re excited to offer LOKALS direct delivery for the first time in the country, which means that we can offer customers in the city, where they live, a great option for delivery,” McPhersson said. 

McPherson said that the service will work from 1pm to 10pm every day, and that the delivery window is between 10am and 6pm. 

The company will be accepting payment via credit card, debit card, Paypal, Paymex and other payment options, with a minimum delivery of 30 minutes. 

Lokals delivery window will be between 10AM and 6PM every day. 

Delivery times will be available in all UK cities including London, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle Upon Tyne East, and Newcastle upon East. 

Customers will also be able buy Lokales direct delivery tickets for up to four people, for £29.95. 

You can book Lokally’s delivery at Lokalos Express delivery is available in the United Kingdom. 

 The service will offer customers from all over the UK a variety of services from shopping to entertainment, and will be launching in the U.K. in the coming weeks.

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