How to order a Chinese delivery from an online platform

In a bid to reduce its reliance on Chinese delivery platforms, Capri Express, one of the largest international online delivery companies in China, is now launching an online service that allows customers to order Chinese products online.

The CapriExpress website currently lists a large number of Chinese products, but it is now looking to expand its range to include Indian products and other overseas products.

“We think that the Chinese market has a lot of opportunity, we want to help them build their own local brand and expand their business,” Capri founder and CEO Rahul Kumar told ABC News.

CapriExpress has already begun selling some of the products from its local factory to overseas customers.

Mr Kumar said he has sold over 1,000 items, with the bulk of the orders coming from Chinese suppliers.

Mr Kumar said it was important to offer Indian products to foreign customers because they have a good reputation for quality and service.

While the Chinese companies have a long history of shipping to India, CapricExpress is aiming to offer a simpler shopping experience by offering customers the option of choosing from multiple suppliers, he said.

For a limited time, customers will be able to order from multiple vendors through the Capriexpress website.

Customers can also pay using their bank account.

There are currently more than 200 products available on Capri’s website, including items such as rice cakes, instant noodles, and vegetable and meat curry, which can be found at a range of price points.

A typical Capri order can be as low as $15,000 for a rice cake, for example, and as high as $2.5 million for a curry.

Many other products are also available online.

The online service will be launched on the company’s website on Monday.

Other companies in the Chinese online delivery business include Zhejiang Oceania Express and the Taobao Group, which both launched online services in 2014.

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