Why the best-selling cars in India are getting stuck in traffic: An investigation

An investigation has revealed that Indian motorists are paying too much for the privilege of driving their cars on express delivery routes, which offer them the highest speeds, fastest deliveries, and lowest prices.

The investigation has also revealed that these high-priced routes are getting congested with heavy traffic on busy roads and roads where roads have to be repaired and reopened due to flooding.

A new study by The Times of India and the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) found that the average daily traffic on express-delivery routes in India is at about 3,200 vehicles per day, compared to 3,100 vehicles on the roads used for conventional deliveries.

The average daily average speed is also much higher than on conventional routes.

The study, conducted by NCAER and the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), analysed the top-selling vehicles in India, with the largest share coming from two Indian conglomerates, Sinangag and Lidl.

The top three car brands in India in terms of total volume are Sinangagar and Liddell, with each selling between 4,000 and 5,000 cars each.

Lidls brand is the biggest player in terms the market share of Lidz, which is one of India’s largest car brands.

Sinangar, meanwhile, has only one brand.

While Sinangal has a market share in the top three companies, the largest segment in terms market share is the segment of high-end vehicles.

The most popular car brands of the segment are Audi, Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen.

In the segment, the brand of the most popular vehicles is the brand that has a larger share in terms volume, and that is the Audi brand.

This study shows that a high number of these vehicles are getting in the way of people’s daily commutes.

While the average speed of these cars on the express delivery network is between 60 and 65 kmph, the average travel time is only around 15 minutes.

A large number of vehicles are stuck in the traffic, which prevents people from enjoying their daily commute.

In the past, people had to travel a total distance of 20 kilometers on the road to reach their destination.

Now, this can be reduced to a single kilometre and the journey takes only around two minutes, which means that people have to travel an average of 40 km to reach home.

While there are some exceptions, like in areas like Ahmedabad, people are still stuck on the Express delivery network for over half of their commute.

This makes it difficult for them to enjoy their daily commute.

The report shows that the number of road accidents on express deliveries has increased by 33 per cent in the last three years, with one person dying due to an accident on the same route in 2015.

The study also shows that only 16 per cent of the vehicles in the country are actually safe for delivery.

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