What’s the difference between parcel express and express delivery?

Google is now adding a new option for people ordering a parcel to be delivered directly to their home, rather than by another courier service.

The change comes on top of Google’s recent changes to how it handles delivery in the US.

As part of the latest change, Google said it would be removing the “package” prefix from the delivery terms, and instead use the term “package service.”

It added that the change would only apply to delivery within the US, and not to international deliveries, like it does for other goods.

While Google has been adding new options for delivery since November, this is the first time it’s made an explicit distinction between the two options.

Previously, Google’s website used the term parcel express to describe a service that delivers packages directly to the address on Google Maps.

In addition to that, Google also said it will now offer an option for “package delivery,” rather than express delivery.

The company said it’s introducing this new option to reflect Google’s focus on delivering parcels to homes and businesses instead of to offices.

Google said it is also introducing a new delivery option that allows users to track the exact delivery time, and that delivery time will be displayed on the user’s delivery details page, and on the delivery parcel status page, in addition to the “standard delivery” options.

Google’s new delivery service is also called “express delivery.”

The change to the delivery service option will be rolled out to all Google Maps customers by the end of the year, according to Google.

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