Trump, Biden vow to crack down on Iran-backed terror group

The Trump administration has pledged to crack Down on Iran’s “insider threat” and have pledged to help stop a deadly group of terrorists from moving weapons and supplies into Syria, according to administration officials and diplomats briefed on the plan.

The administration’s top priority is to crack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which the administration has long sought to target with airstrikes.

The new threat is that ISIS is using its influence to smuggle weapons into Syria.

But the U.S. is also pushing for more help from Russia and China to contain ISIS.

“Russia and China are the only ones that have been able to take down ISIS,” said one official familiar with the plan, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss private discussions.

“It’s a threat to us and it’s a challenge to us.”

 Trump has been eager to get rid of Iran since he was elected.

During his campaign, he accused President Barack Obama of being “weak on Iran.”

And in his first months in office, Trump has repeatedly threatened to remove sanctions on Iran and to use military force if Iran does not reverse its support for terrorism.

The new plan will target both the ISIS threat and Iran’s role in funding terrorism.

It is unclear whether Trump will try to impose economic sanctions on Tehran in order to force it to stop its support of terrorism.

That would require Congress, which is controlled by Republicans, to pass legislation to do so.

The plan also would target Iran’s support for Hezbollah, which the U,S.

considers a terrorist group.

The White House is considering using a provision in the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that would require the Pentagon to identify any Iranian support for the group.

Trump’s decision to impose sanctions on the Islamic Republic has raised concerns among some lawmakers and the foreign policy establishment, who worry that the administration may be trying to provoke Iran to attack the United States.

The idea is that if Trump uses force to try to push back against Iran, that will embolden Iran, and embolden ISIS and other terror groups, said Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., who has long advocated tougher sanctions.

“You’re going to see this administration go for it,” Corker said.

“There is a real danger that this is a one-way street, a one big political signal to Iran.”

The White House has said that the new sanctions will target the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which is Iran’s largest military and its most important political force.

While the Trump administration said in a statement that the White House was working on new sanctions legislation, it did not provide any details.

A senior administration official confirmed that the plan would target the IRGC, but said it would be done “in a way that is consistent with the administration’s stated goals.”

Trump has made it clear that he will use military action against Iran if he feels it is necessary.

He has said he believes the United Nations Security Council should sanction Iran over its ballistic missile program and that he would use force to bring Iran to the negotiating table to end its nuclear program.

This is the same White House that repeatedly promised it would “totally destroy” ISIS and “destroy” Iran.

Trump has said repeatedly that the U;d by the end of his first term, he would “get rid of ISIS.”

Trump has also threatened to use U.N. Security Council action to force Iran to end the nuclear program, but that threat has been met with silence.

The Trump Administration has also signaled it wants to see a diplomatic solution for Iran, including lifting of sanctions.

A senior administration administration official said the new measures would target ISIS, Iran, Hezbollah and Iran itself, but it is unclear if those terms would include targeting Iran’s backing for Hezbollah.

Trump also has said the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has close ties to Iran, is a significant threat to the United State and has pledged that the UAE would not be allowed to use its influence over the United Kingdom to influence the U!s foreign policy.

The U.A.E. is currently in talks with Washington on a $500 million military aid package.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that the Islamic regime is determined to continue its terror attacks in the United states.

Zarif added that the “Iranian regime will not be stopped.”

Zarif added in his speech that the United Nation is an “internationalist entity that has no legitimate authority in its current form.”

U.S.-Iran relations have been rocky for years.

The Obama administration in 2013 sanctioned Iran’s Central Bank and some banks for their support of terrorist groups.

U.K. officials have also been critical of Iran’s human rights record.

Uzbekistan, another key U.R.S., ally, has also been a major obstacle to a Trump deal with Iran, which would ease sanctions on Russia and make U.L.

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