California’s candy express deliveries up more than 10%

A wave of new delivery options has put the California market on the cusp of a surge in sales, but the state’s candy delivery industry remains far from fully healthy.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is tracking a surge of delivery orders for some of the state, which includes both packaged and hard candy.

The agency said Friday it was “monitoring delivery activity in the retail sector in California, with the hope that these trends will continue.”

“We believe the current surge is indicative of increased consumer confidence and demand for fresh, delicious, and healthy products,” said the agency.

“The California market is now in its fifth year of growth, and the number of deliveries is expected to continue increasing.”

New products from companies such as Nestle and Hershey’s are on the rise, with some of them being introduced at retail stores in recent weeks.

California has a population of about 7.2 million people, but some of that population is concentrated in the coastal cities.

In recent years, many businesses have focused on bringing people to their doorsteps and offering discounts.

The California Beverage Association said it expected the surge in shipments to be more pronounced in the coming months.

“There is some concern about the state of our grocery stores, but our retail stores are performing very well,” said Mark Kroskow, CEO of the California Beverages Association.

“We see the opportunity to deliver our customers fresh, healthy products to their doorstep.”

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