Lyft launches Myntra Express delivery platform, and its drivers, in Boston

Posted January 17, 2018 12:27:37 The Boston-based Lyft has unveiled its new delivery service, Myntral Express, in the US.

It will be launching in the Boston area next month, where it has its main office, and will be available in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The service will have no drivers, but will have a few drivers on standby for when the service reaches certain locations, like Boston.

Myntrans is currently available only in Boston, with the rest of the city’s metro area on the horizon.

The Myntran platform uses technology to deliver cars, bikes, and other goods to customers.

Lyft is rolling out a similar platform called XO, and a similar delivery service is being rolled out in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

It is unclear how Myntram is different from XO or how it will differ from Uber’s own delivery service.

Myntrans will allow drivers to get paid in their own cryptocurrency, called Myntracoin.

Uber has announced it will offer a similar service to earn money through its driver’s income, though the company is not revealing how it plans to use its money.

The Myntrapay platform will allow riders to track and share rides in real time, while Lyft’s Myntras are only available on the Myntracos platform.

Lyft is not the first service to be announced to make a foray into Boston, as the ride-hailing giant also recently announced plans to expand its Boston operations into the city.

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