When you buy an Amazon delivery, the company can still be fined

The company that handles Amazon deliveries is not allowed to charge customers extra fees for the items they deliver, according to a new lawsuit filed Monday by Amazon and several customers.

The suit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, claims that Amazon’s delivery network, called Amazon Express, has the ability to charge for a variety of items that are purchased from other online merchants.

For instance, customers who are interested in an item that Amazon has a lower price on can pay $0.99 to get the item delivered, but if they want the item to be delivered at a higher price, they must pay $10.99 for the item, the suit states.

The company, however, has no incentive to make these extra charges, according the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the Amazon Express system, as a result, allows the company to “charge its own consumers for a significant portion of the products it delivers to them.”

It also alleges that the companies’ “intent is to deprive consumers of the ability for Amazon to charge them for the products that it actually delivers to consumers,” as well as the company’s inability to “control the distribution of its products, including the prices it charges for them.”

In a statement, Amazon denied that the company “encourages the delivery of lower-quality goods to customers,” adding that it has “long offered a variety-based payment system that enables Amazon to keep its costs down for its customers, including lowering delivery costs and improving delivery service.”

In addition to the suit, the plaintiffs are asking for $10 million in damages, and for an injunction to prevent Amazon from “trying to charge consumers for the goods they buy or to try to force them to pay for products that Amazon doesn’t actually deliver.”

The suit was filed by the U, D., Anti-Defamation League and the National Retail Federation.

Amazon said it is cooperating with the case.

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