What is Amazon’s future?

In the midst of a boom in food delivery, the internet-delivery company Amazon has announced plans to expand its delivery service beyond its home turf.

It says it will be expanding to markets across the US, Canada, and Latin America by 2020.

Amazon’s plan to add delivery to its platform is a departure from its current approach.

While the company’s recent expansion has largely been about moving more people around the world via air, its business model is still driven by a core service: Amazon Prime.

In an interview with Business Insider, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explained the company decided to go with Amazon Prime over traditional delivery because it could deliver more packages in less time, without the hassle of an expensive delivery company.

The expansion announcement follows an earlier announcement that Amazon would be offering a more robust delivery service in 2018.

That service will allow users to order products from Amazon directly from the site and receive their order before it leaves the Amazon store.

The service will be available for orders from $99.99 for three weeks and $159.99 per order.

Amazon has been ramping up its delivery and fulfillment business in recent years, announcing plans to ship millions of packages a day from warehouses around the US in 2019.

The company also announced a new logistics facility in Texas, and a new warehouse in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon plans to hire 1,000 more workers to help run these new operations.

But Amazon Prime hasn’t yet expanded beyond its hometown.

Amazon says it plans to deliver to more than 600 US cities in 2020.

Amazon has long said it plans its delivery platform to reach more countries, but it hasn’t revealed how many it’s planning to deliver this year.

In addition to expanding the reach of its service, Amazon also plans to increase its delivery speed, which it says will increase delivery times to customers’ homes.

In a blog post this morning, Bezos said Amazon Prime will help Amazon grow its fulfillment capabilities, expand its ability to deliver orders quickly to customers in more countries.

He also outlined plans to offer “more value” by offering additional delivery perks for customers who have chosen Amazon Prime for other reasons, like paying for a gift card.

“We are not offering a package every time you want to buy something from Amazon,” Bezos wrote.

“Instead, we will provide a better value by giving you more choices in what you get from us.”

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