How to order a new delivery for your favorite burger joint?

Beijing, China (Reuters) – People queue for delivery of an Oole Express delivery truck from a Shanghai-based delivery company in Beijing, China, December 3, 2016.

REUTERS/Stringer Chinese food delivery app Oole has begun shipping to the United States, but its delivery options are limited to its home market, where its users have to wait on line for a vehicle that can only deliver one thing at a time.

The app launched in China in April, and now its services have expanded to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, according to the company.

In China, users can order a meal for their food order and then have it delivered to their doorstep within 48 hours, or pick up at a restaurant within three days.

For instance, if you want a hot dog sandwich delivered to your doorstep, you could order one from the app and wait on the line for an hour and get a delivery within the same 24-hour window, said Huang Chun, chief marketing officer at Oole.

“We’ve launched a number of apps in China, but the delivery options for the US are very limited,” Huang said.

For now, the US delivery options only work with certain restaurants, restaurants with high-end locations, and some cities.

Oole is also available in India, Singapore and Malaysia.

The US is the fastest-growing global market for Oole in terms of number of users, with a total of 1.6 million users in the last six months.

Oole currently has 1.3 million active users in India and 1.1 million users worldwide.

China has become the second-fastest-growing market for the app in the past six months, with 2.7 million active Oole users, followed by the United Kingdom, which has 1 million active.

In its latest quarterly report, Oole said the app now has more than 20 million monthly active users, compared to 2.6.

In India, the app has about 2.5 million monthly users, up from 1.5.