Topman Express Delivery to Deliver 2,400 LPGs by July 2019

Posted October 05, 2019 09:56:49 She’s delivering her second batch of LPG to Flint.

Topman Express delivers its second shipment of LPS and LPG, the two fuels used to fuel electric vehicles.

The Michigan-based company’s trucks are rolling into Flint as the first batch of the fuel is delivered from its plant in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

She said the shipment includes 2,406 gallons of the second batch and the first of 3,500 gallons that will be delivered in June.

She also said the company has begun delivering LPG by the truckload at its plant near Lansing, Michigan, beginning next week.

She said the deliveries represent a significant milestone for the company and its customers.

“We are pleased to have continued success in the Detroit region and to have had a strong second half of 2019,” She said.

“The additional customers are helping us to reach our full potential.

I think it is a great opportunity to build the business and continue to grow the company.”

She added that she expects the second shipment to arrive by mid-October.

While the second order will represent only about 2,100 gallons per month, She said it is more than sufficient to meet the company’s goals for the first half of 2020.

Topman said in January it expects to deliver 1.3 million LPG and LPS shipments this year, and expects to have about 1 million in 2020. 

Topman is currently testing the company-owned Lansing plant for an electric vehicle.

The company, which also makes gasoline and diesel engines, was founded in 1989.