How to order Express Plus delivery in Canada?

You can order Express delivery with a single click.

This option lets you get the express delivery movie and Chow Express delivery on your favourite streaming video service.

We recommend using Express Plus for the movie service, and the Chow Express for the Chow delivery service.

Express Plus delivers movies, shows and TV shows to your door.

It is also available for delivery to the United States, but not for deliveries to Canada.

Delivery options vary based on your location and time of day.

We are not going to cover these in-depth details in this guide, but the basics of Express Plus can be found in this post: How to Order Express Plus Delivery in Canada.

The Express Plus Movie option costs $20.50 for the Express movie service and $20 for the regular Express movie option.

If you are looking for the delivery movie service (see below), you can pick up Express Plus at your local movie theatre, convenience store or movie theater.

For the Chow Delivery service, you can choose Chow delivery at the store.

If your delivery service offers Chow delivery, Chow delivery will arrive within three business days.

Chow delivery movies will be delivered to your doorstep in three to six business days, depending on the delivery time and location.

You can check your Chow delivery movie option for your delivery location by using the ChowDelivery feature in Google Play.

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