Danish Express deliveries to be free in India

A Danish Express delivery service will be free to the people of India starting Sunday after the Government of India signed an agreement with a private company to deliver the goods.

The service will offer free shipping and tracking for all parcels weighing over 3kg, or up to 4kg for small packages.

In January 2017, the Government signed an Agreement with an Indian delivery company to provide free delivery services to residents of the country for goods weighing less than 3kg.

The government has not set a date to introduce free delivery for all Indians.

The contract with the private company, Vistech India, will start from 1 November, and it will be open for three months.

The agreement with Vistec is the first time the Government has agreed to a contract with a third party.

The delivery company, which is owned by Tata Consultancy Services, is expected to be able to take delivery of up to 3,000 packages per day.

It will also be able set up a courier service.

Vistemac is already offering free delivery to all residents of New Delhi and the Indian capital.

The company is expected also to provide a free tracking service.

The country has been reeling from a massive shortage of food.

According to the government, one million people are hungry in the country.

India has been dealing with a massive food crisis for the last two years due to the high prices of rice and pulses.

On Tuesday, the country’s Supreme Court asked the Centre to set up an Emergency Response Force to tackle the crisis.

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