Why you need to be an optimist

A friend who recently bought an apartment in New York City sent me an email asking if I thought she would be happy in the city or in Los Angeles.

“I’m not going to lie, I was disappointed in Los Angeles.

It’s a great city, but it’s not really a great place,” she said.

“In Los Angeles, you have to go to the airport for flights and stuff.

You can’t have a lot of time to go and eat.

You don’t have many places to go shopping or hang out.

It is just a different world.”

I said: “Why is that?”

She replied: “Because you have no money.

In L.A., it’s like, ‘We’re going to get a new apartment, and it’s going to cost $2,000.’

We have to make up the difference.

And then we’re all going to go buy a house.”

She was referring to the fact that she had to pay more to live in Los Angles.

I told her that I’m not happy in Los Santos and that I have to spend more time there, because if I was, I’d be happy, too.

Her friend then pointed out that, while she had paid for the apartment, she had not been able to find an apartment near her home.

“I don’t want to live here, but there’s no one there for me.

I don’t know where to go.

I’ve got nowhere to go,” she replied.

“So I’ve just got to go where the money is.

I can’t afford a house, and I don, too, because I have no income.”

She continued: “I’ve got nothing but my own money, so I can do whatever I want, and that’s it.

And I don’ t know how long I’m going to be here.”

“Theres no doubt you’ll get bored in LA,” I said.

She laughed.

“Well, not at least, not for a while.”

After we finished talking, I decided to check out the apartment.

It was an apartment I’d rented a couple of years earlier in L. a city I’d grown to love and loved for its open-air, bicycle-friendly shopping, outdoor dining and cultural scene.

A friend and I had lived there before, but the view from my balcony was nothing like the view at my parents’ house.

The view was beautiful, but not the sort of beautiful I wanted to see in Los Alamos.

There were no billboards, no billboards.

There was nothing.

Just a huge lawn.

The parking lot looked exactly the same as the one I’d been driving through.

After I left the apartment and went to the curb, I walked over to the railing and sat on it.

As soon as I sat down, I noticed the view was dramatically different.

The sidewalk was lush green, as if it were the desert.

And there was a huge billboard that stretched all the way to the horizon.

I sat there for a minute and then walked away.

At the end of my stroll, I stopped at a curb, took a moment to think about what had happened, and then headed back to my car.

What if the billboard had been there before?

What if it had been placed a minute or two before?

I went back and looked for my friend’s apartment.

I looked for the billboard, too: it had disappeared.

When I went to check on the apartment later, I found the apartment in the exact same condition.

The only difference was that it was now empty.

I called the apartment management.

This apartment has no billboards at all.

What happened to the one billboard?

It is a sign.

It was a sign that says: LA, California, USA.

It used to be in my driveway.

It had been a billboard, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

The apartment manager called the advertising agency that worked on the billboard.

I went and found the billboard somewhere else, but they didn’t have it.

So I asked them if they could sell it.

I asked if they were going to use the money they made from the billboard to build a billboard to replace it.

They told me they didn`t know.

They were going out to a friend of a friend.

I left a message on their answering machine, and the message didn’t go to voicemail.

Finally, the advertising company offered to sell the billboard and had it installed.

The billboard was placed at the intersection of Larchmont and Spring.

I drove over to it.

It looked identical to the billboard I’d seen on my way in.

But there was one thing different.

Instead of the word LA, it said LARCHmont.

The sign had a big, bold line at the top.

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