How to order a taxi in Barcelona

From buying a ticket online to getting to the airport, you can now order a cab in Barcelona using a universal express delivery app.

Here’s how to get started.

Where to go?

Barcelona has its own app for booking taxis, and a new version is available for iOS and Android.

Here are the official routes and times.

The cheapest price?

€2.50, which is around half of what the official taxi app charges.

Check the official app to see the cheapest fares.

How to get to the terminal?

You’ll need a ticket or credit card, which can be purchased on the app.

You can use this to book a cab from the station to the bus terminal, or from the airport to the port.

To book the cheapest, use the app to book the first cab in the city, and then choose the fare you’d like to pay.

The app then shows you how much it costs to pay in cash or the local equivalent.

For the cheapest fare, tap the yellow button.

If the app says “cash only” then you’re paying cash.

To get a receipt, tap “reciprocity”.

It’s easy to get a taxi driver’s name on the receipt.

The fare is then added to your account.

What you get: The driver’s fee and the payment.

For a taxi that charges you €2, you get €1.75 per kilometre of journey.

For an UberX or Lyft ride, the driver’s fare is €1, so €1/km.

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When should I get off?

If you arrive at the airport at 2.45pm, you’ll get off at Barcelona’s airport.

It’s about 30 minutes after the airport has reopened.

At 6pm, the airport is closed, but taxis are still available.

When can I book a taxi?

It depends on when you arrive.

For UberX, the most popular taxi service in Barcelona, you need to book your ride around 11pm, but it’s also possible to book before 12.30am.

On Lyft, you’re allowed to book up to 12am.

The last time you were in Barcelona was a few days ago.

If you’re travelling by car, or travelling in a group of four or more, you must book your taxi at the start of your journey, at least five hours before departure.

You may be charged an extra €2 if you miss your scheduled arrival time.

The most popular way to book is using the app, which allows you to book as much as you want within 30 minutes of arrival.

To find the cheapest price, tap ‘reciprocal’ on the screen.

How long does it take to get back?

You can usually get back home from the terminal in 10 minutes or less.

But if you have to leave the airport early, or if you want to leave after arriving, there’s an extra charge.

The same applies for taxis, except it’s the official fare, so it’ll be slightly higher.

For further information, check the website.

You’ll also need a taxi pass.

It costs around €50.

What happens if I don’t have a taxi license?

You need a valid driver’s license to use taxis in Barcelona.

You need to show proof of identity and date of birth.

You also need to present a valid document proving your age and that you’ve been in Barcelona for at least six months.

How do I get a valid taxi license in Barcelona?

Find out how to obtain a taxi licence.

Find out where to get your license and how to apply for one.

Find more information about licensing.

You don’t need a driver’s licence to drive a taxi.

Find a taxi on Barcelona’s network and pick up a driver.

What are the rules about driving a taxi and parking?

Parking is allowed on Barcelona streetcars, which are marked with the number “C” or “C”.

This means the taxi is not parked at the curb, and you must keep a safe distance between the taxi and any other cars or people.

You must always use the taxi lane if it’s clear, with the car facing the curb.

Parking is also allowed in the bus lanes, on the left and right sides of the road, and on the pavement, with your vehicle facing the pavement.

How are taxi drivers regulated?

A local authority regulates taxi operators in Barcelona and other parts of Spain.

The regional authority, Cádiz, is responsible for policing and enforcing the city’s taxi regulations.

The Cárdenas de Barcelona regulate the operation of taxis and their drivers, with a view to reducing road accidents and speeding up traffic.

Cándenas is also responsible for monitoring the activities of drivers, including taxi licences.

Where can I find out more about the Barcelona taxi drivers?

Read our guide to the taxi drivers who live and work in Barcelona who are registered to the city.