Delivery Express driver gets his first real job as delivery driver for Sheffield express delivery

Delivery Express has become a staple of Sheffield’s nightlife, and its drivers are working to make the company a household name.

The service has been operating for four years, and currently has more than 1,000 drivers, mostly men aged between 30 and 50.

The company has been around for almost 15 years, with its first drive being a delivery for the popular local band, The Lark.

“We started a delivery service in the area in the summer of 2015, but we didn’t realise how popular it was until we had over 1,500 drivers, and they’re now the standard,” said Matt Peeples, Delivery Express’ founder and managing director.

The delivery service is now expanding beyond Sheffield, with plans to add more drivers to the network.

“The growth has been really phenomenal and it’s been really challenging, because you’ve got to go from the big cities in the south of England to the big city in the north of England,” Mr Peeple said.

“So we’re not just looking to be an urban delivery service anymore, we’re looking to go to every part of the country, whether it’s north London or south London.”

And the growth is going to be really huge, because we’re trying to have our own brand, our own culture.

“The company is also trying to increase its presence in the wider Sheffield area, as well as expanding its delivery network in the South West.

Mr Peebles said that the business had become increasingly popular over the past year.”

It’s a bit of a gamble, because I think a lot of people in Sheffield don’t like the delivery business, but there’s a huge number of people that are willing to take a chance on a delivery,” he said.

Delivery Express was founded by Matt Pye, an entrepreneur, and Matt Pees wife, Sarah, in 2014.

It started as a simple delivery service, but Mr Pye realised that his dream to start his own company was not going to happen overnight, so he took it upon himself to find a business partner to help him.”

I thought, why don’t I just start my own business?” he said of his idea.

The business was originally called Peeper Delivery, and was based in Leeds.”

My mum was a delivery girl, and she told me that I’d be better off as a delivery driver, so I went and got a job in Sheffield,” Mr Yorks said.

Matt Peeps first drive at the company began on November 20, 2014.”

They’ve been amazing.

They’ve been fantastic drivers, they’ve been a great support system for us.

And I’m so proud of them,” Mr Peny said.

After a successful run at delivery, Mr Penys business was sold to a rival, but it was not a short-term arrangement.”

As I started to look at the business and see what was happening, it was just the best decision I’ve ever made,” he added.”

Now, I’m a fully owned business, and I’m making a real profit.

“The service is currently expanding to other parts of the Sheffield area.”

A lot of other parts are really looking at it, but the Sheffield ones are the ones that really know how to do it,” Mr Pensy said of the local area.

The local company also plans to open a second drive service, and Mr Pees said that his vision for the future of Delivery Express was to build on its success and expand further.”

There’s so much opportunity in this area, there’s so many great ideas, and the potential is really exciting,” he says.”

If we can do that and have a lot more people doing it, it’s going to make a big difference in the future.

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