When you buy a ticket, you can expect it to arrive in Venezuela

VENEZUELA – March 22, 2019: A woman waves her Venezuelan passport as she waits to board the bus in Caracas, Venezuela, on Monday.

A woman in Venezuela has filed a complaint against Venezuela’s vice president after a ticket she bought was not delivered to her hotel, a newspaper reported.

Caracas Post newspaper reported that the woman, whose name was not given, purchased a ticket from the Venezuelan vice president to arrive at the airport in Carabobo state, in the province of Cauca.

Venezuela’s vice presidency has since responded to the complaint, saying that the Venezuelan government does not send passengers without valid travel documents.

The Venezuelan government says it sends its citizens home with valid documents to the airport, which is the first step in verifying the travel documents of all travelers.

“When you buy your ticket, your card is issued by the Ministry of Public Safety, and your passport is valid,” the vice president’s office said in a statement to News.org.au.

It said that it is not clear how the woman obtained her ticket.

According to the vice presidency, Venezuela does not issue tickets without valid documents, only those with valid travel visas.

Read more at News..org, Express.co.uk, Express and Venezuelanalysis.com

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