Carolina Express Delivery delivers packages to Northampton, Massachusetts, and Edgartown, Pennsylvania via Direct Express Delivery

Carolina Delivery Inc. (NYSE:CED), an Edmonton-based provider of direct express delivery services, is launching a new service on Friday that delivers packages directly to a customer’s door.

The company says that customers will have the option to either use a direct delivery option or choose to pay an extra fee.CED customers will pay $9.99 per package for one trip, up from $7.99 for one package, and $7 for a second trip.

The cost of each trip will depend on the size of the package and the distance from the delivery point.

Ced says the service will be available on a trial basis for customers in Northampton and Edgardown, Massachusetts and will expand nationwide.

Citing market demand, the company says it will begin offering direct express deliveries on Friday in North Carolina, Massachusetts (Massachusetts) and Washington, DC.

The service will operate on a 24-hour basis.

The Seattle-based company will also start delivering packages to Portland, Oregon.

The Boston-based Express Delivery Inc., which is also expanding in North America, says that the Northampton delivery will be its first-ever North American delivery, although the company expects it to expand to other locations in the next couple of years.