Uber: ‘There is no such thing as free lunch’

Uber is making some major changes to the way its drivers are compensated, including a new set of rules for its drivers.

The company says it will give drivers who earn more than $1 million a year a $50,000 bonus and allow them to get a bonus for each passenger they drive.

Uber is also doubling its paid vacation to a minimum of two weeks and will offer up to two weeks of paid time off for workers.

The change means that Uber drivers will get a bigger bonus and will get extra vacation time if they are working fewer than 30 hours per week.

Uber’s drivers have been calling for a “full-day, no-frills” work schedule, but they’ve been struggling to find a way to make up the lost vacation time.

Uber will also allow workers to get paid for travel time to and from their homes.

Uber said that this change will also be retroactive to Oct. 1, 2017.

The company also announced that it would offer workers additional vacation time in certain circumstances, such as when they are on long-term disability.

Uber says that these changes are not intended to create a “double-dip” effect.

Uber also said that drivers will be able to earn up to $1,000 in bonuses for each driver who completes at least 100,000 rides in their first year of employment.

The changes are expected to go into effect Jan. 1.

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