When Baguette Express deliveries the perfect Baguettes order: The delivery train

A delivery train full of Baguettas arrives at the office in downtown Mumbai.

| Photo Credit: Reuters | Staff PhotographerBaguetteExpress is a delivery service which delivers the perfect lunchbox to every Baguetter.

The company uses GPS technology to deliver the food items to their doorstep within minutes of their arrival.

Baguées are made with locally sourced ingredients and are served with butter, jam, mustard, mayo, tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh herbs.

Baguettes are made from flour and water, which are then ground into flour and sugar before being packaged in a plastic bag and packed in paper bags.

The company sells its Baguets to grocery stores and restaurants across the country.

The delivery service is also used by the city’s famous Baghpat Bazaar.

The Baghpet is a traditional street in Mumbai and is one of the most popular shopping destinations in the city.

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