FedEx deliveries delayed as it delivers bass express to California

FedEx is delivering only one-third of its bass express shipments to California, the agency said Wednesday, adding that it will begin delivering only the remainder at its new distribution center in Santa Clara, about 20 miles northwest of San Francisco.

The company is delivering just more than 1.5 million bass express packages per day, which it expects to deliver in March, according to a statement.

FedEx said it will ship more than 12 million packages per week in the U.S. and Canada by the end of the year.

The agency has already been slow to respond to demand for the new delivery system.

The agency delayed delivering about one-fifth of its scheduled shipments to the region in October after it began shipping more than half of the volume to the U., according to the company.

FedEx has been trying to boost shipments in California, where the company operates four distribution centers.

The company said it has already delivered about 1.8 million packages to California in the last four months, but that is expected to rise as the year goes on.

FedEX says the new deliveries will help the company reduce its labor costs by 40 percent and boost its sales, because customers are paying more for the same amount of freight.

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