How to redeem your Amazon Prime membership to get your delivery from Apple Express

You don’t need to wait for delivery to make your Amazon order — just open your Amazon app, enter the code, and you’ll get a coupon for free.

You can then use that code to pay for an Amazon Prime subscription.

We recommend using this coupon to get a free $10 Amazon Prime card, or a $10 credit to redeem a $50 Amazon Prime account.

If you can’t use this coupon, you’ll have to wait until the end of October to use it again.

Here’s how to use this code: First, you have to enter the coupon code in your Amazon Appstore app, or go to the Amazon App Store, tap the Apple Express icon on your home screen, tap “coupon,” and tap “Add Code.”

Then you’ll see a message that says “Apply for Amazon Prime Membership” and click “Add Coupon.”

Once you have the coupon, enter it in your account.

Once you get a code, you can use it to pay with any of the following Amazon services.

For example, you could pay with your Apple Pay account or Amazon Alexa to get an Apple Watch or Kindle.

You’ll need to enter this code for Apple Express as well.

Amazon Prime subscribers can also use the code to buy $10 Apple Pay credit.

Here are a few other ways you can redeem your coupon.


Add code to your shopping cart.

If your Apple Express coupon code is already in your shopping basket, you won’t have to add it to your cart.

To add it, tap it, and then tap “Cart.”

Amazon Prime members can also add the code on their Amazon Prime apps.


Open your Amazon Dashboard.

If there’s no Amazon App for your device, you should have a free Amazon Dashboards app for your computer.

Go to the Dashboards menu in your Apple Appstore and tap the Amazon app icon on the left-hand side.

You should see a list of Amazon apps that you can download.

You might see a section with your Amazon Echo or Alexa app in it.

Tap that to see how much time it will take for Amazon to deliver your order.


Add it to Amazon Prime.

To apply the Amazon Prime code, enter this link in your Appstore account:

Now you can buy Amazon Prime with that link.

Amazon will charge you the coupon for your Amazon Express subscription for the first month, and if you buy it again within that same month, the coupon will automatically expire.

You won’t need any extra credit to get it back.

Amazon can send you a credit card to redeem the Amazon Express code.

You will also need to pay the $10 in the Amazon Dashpay coupon code for the Amazon Echo Plus or Alexa speaker, which can be used to pay a small fee.


Get it delivered.

If it’s still early in the season, or you’re not sure how many of your Amazon orders are delivered, you might want to check with Amazon to see if your order qualifies.

If so, you don’t have a chance to apply for the code before the next season starts.

To find out if your Amazon items qualify for Amazon’s free Amazon Express delivery program, you need to add them to your basket, open the Amazon apps, and tap on the Amazon logo.

You could then see a delivery list that looks like this:

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