Uber offers ride-sharing to those without cars

Uber has introduced a new feature in London, offering drivers with a car a one-time, paid ride in exchange for using their cars to deliver packages.

The new feature is part of a new partnership with the ride-hailing company Express Delivery.

The deal is part a larger push by Uber to introduce more low-cost, self-driving vehicles in the capital and to develop a fleet of them. 

Uber will now provide a one time fee of £3 to anyone who buys a car, and it’s a move to encourage the use of Uber’s self-drive technology. 

“We want to make sure people are using the cars and are being productive and have a good time, so we wanted to make the self-Driving experience as simple as possible,” said Uber London General Manager David Atherton in a statement.

“We know it can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic with your smartphone or watching the video feed on your car.

That’s why we’ve created a new option for drivers to make a payment in return for taking a ride in a new self-driven vehicle.”

The new Uber Self-Driven Vehicle option allows users to pay £3 per ride to receive a ride.

Drivers can also choose to pay in cash, the company says. 

The feature has been in the works since late March.

Uber recently launched its own self-drivers program, which it said has a more robust user-friendliness.

“It’s more personalized, it’s better-equipped to get the job done and has the best chance of meeting the expectations of customers,” Atheron said.

“You can also get tips from the app to help you make the right decision, or you can take the trip yourself.”

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