New Delhi: How the new Ola express courier service is disrupting the city’s transport system

Delhi, India – For many of the citys residents, the arrival of Ola Express is an almost daily occurrence.

The Indian e-commerce firm is one of the largest providers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) courier services in the world, and has established itself as a popular, and profitable, service provider.

Ola is also the countrys largest online marketplace, where users can buy, sell and trade goods.

Since its launch in India in 2012, Ola has become one of India’s biggest e-tailers and one of its biggest revenue generating businesses.

But it has been slow to gain traction in the country.

Its services have only been available in the southern state of Kerala for the past two years, as it was unable to compete with the likes of Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon, which are the two largest online retail players in the nation.

Since the arrival in Delhi, Olam is now inching closer to being a reality.

Its delivery services, including courier, are offering the same level of quality as those offered by the leading e-boutique players.

However, the OlaExpress service offers a much simpler experience, which makes it more attractive to consumers, particularly those with small incomes.

With the arrival, Oli, the company’s CEO, said that the company was planning to start selling Ola products in Delhi within a month.

Oli has partnered with the Indian government, with the aim of offering services to residents in the city.

For the last five years, the government has provided subsidies of Rs 20,000 per household to residents, and the company has set up a network of 5,000 mobile vans to deliver goods.

This is the first time that Oli has made it to Delhi.

Olivia Srinivasan, a resident of a Mumbai suburb, said she is glad that Ola is in Delhi and that the service is cheaper.

“It’s a bit different from the service offered by Flipkarts, Snapdeals, Amazon, etc,” she said.

“There are only a few products that can be bought and delivered on Ola.

It’s also a bit cheaper, and I’m glad that it’s here.”

But not everyone is happy with Ola’s delivery services.

Srinasan said she was surprised by the amount of pollution Ola was causing, and that her daily commute to work was taking too long.

“The air quality is bad.

I’m living in Mumbai and Delhi are not close to each other, and it’s not as good as it is here,” she added.

The government has said that it is working towards introducing more efficient delivery methods.

“We are working to introduce a new generation of delivery services in Delhi.

We have set up an Ola-friendly delivery service for residents in Delhi,” said a spokesperson from the Delhi government.

“We are also working to make Ola a part of the daily life in Delhi by making it a part-time option,” the spokesperson added.

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