Pays for delivery of chicken express,buttons and other equipment to remote villages

Pays to deliver delivery of delivery of the delivery of a delivery of equipment to a remote village.

The village, which is near the border with Myanmar, has a population of about 2,000.

The package has been sent by P&C Express, which operates in the United States.

The packages have been sent via a company called Tapsilod, which has offices in North Dakota, Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin.

The company says it delivers more than 3,000 packages a day to villages in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

TapsILod says it operates in more than 70 countries, and has been operating since 2007.

The boxes arrived in the town of Northwood, New Jersey, a couple of hours north of New York City.

The parcel was picked up by a man named Eric Gildersleeve.

He said the package contained an assortment of tools and equipment for remote villages.

The toolbox included two pick-and-place boxes, a pick-axe, a shovel, a tool for plowing dirt, and a hand-held camera.

The tools are in “high demand in remote villages, and the community is getting better and better at doing it, Gildersey said.

The other equipment in the package is a trailer and a two-person truck.

He was unable to say where the equipment was sent to.

The villagers who received the package said they are excited about the delivery.

Gildermansleeve said the equipment is part of a project to help remote villages in the Northern Hemisphere. “

We hope that the company will send a few more boxes to remote village after this, so that we can make some food for the people,” he said.

Gildermansleeve said the equipment is part of a project to help remote villages in the Northern Hemisphere.

He hopes that the package will help farmers, who often depend on tractors and other small-scale agricultural equipment for their livelihoods, to have more options when it comes to their crops.

P&amp, which said it would not identify the village where the parcel was delivered, said it does not send packages to remote areas.

“Our focus is on providing our customers with safe, reliable, affordable delivery options that they can count on to bring food to their families,” the company said in a statement.

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